To MVP John Spencer - Ranking query


Per Erik

Sorry my bad English!

My Name Is Per Erik Løkken, and comes from Norway. I have been in contact
with MVP Duane Hookom regarding an issue with a report in Access 2007.

She tells me that you've had a post regarding the ranking query:

“I believe you can do this without the subquery but using a totals query and
a self join. MVP John Spencer has posted this type of ranking query in the
past. You will get a more efficient and functional result as needed in the
report record source.â€

My report is made with a subquery:

I'm using SQL RANK because I want a proper ranking.
Like this:
Nr. Name Weight
1. Person1 - 350 gr
2 Person2 - 340 gr
2 Person3 - 340 gr
4. Person4 - 320 gr
Those who have the same weight, should get the same “space-digitsâ€. Like my
example above.
As you can see the No. 2 and 3 of the same weight (340 gr), and they will
then be ranked No. 2 together.

The next will then rank No. 4.

And so I want to make a “mark†for the first third of the report, such as
described below. There is marked with ****.

This is because it is 1 / 3 to be rewarded.
I've tried to do this with conditional formatting, but it did not work.

1 Jim Bekken Raufjøringen 9510 gr.
2 Thomas Ødergård Gjøvik og Toten SFK 8105 gr.
2 Kenneth Ottosen Gjøvik og Toten SFK 8105 gr.
4 Jørgen Langerud Raufjøringen 5245 gr.
5 Ove Lauten Gjerdrum 4745 gr.
6 Per E. Hellerud Eidsvoll JFF 4625 gr.
7 Frank Hønsen Gjerdrum SFK 4525 gr.
8 Odd Henning Hansen Gjøvik og Toten SFK 4505 gr.
9 Johnny Ulsrudstuen Gjøvik og Toten SFK 4255 gr.
9 Anders Wold Oslo Sportsfiske 4255 gr.
11 Tom Pedersen Gjøvik og Toten SFK 3325 gr.
12 Eric Olstad Toten JFF Lodd 2 3040 gr.
13 Geir Lillejordet Gjøvik og Toten SFK 2735 gr.
14 Remi A. Olsen SFK Pimpel Sør 2540 gr.
15 Paal Runden Gjøvik og Toten SFK 2495 gr.

Can you help me with this?


Per Erik Løkken -

Duane Hookom

Here is an example from the Orders table in the Northwind sample database. It
is sorted and ranked by Freight:

SELECT Orders.OrderID, Orders.CustomerID, Orders.EmployeeID,
Orders.OrderDate, Orders.Freight, Count(Orders.OrderID) AS CountOfOrderID
FROM Orders, Orders AS Orders_1
WHERE (((Orders_1.Freight)>[Orders].[Freight]))
GROUP BY Orders.OrderID, Orders.CustomerID, Orders.EmployeeID,
Orders.OrderDate, Orders.Freight
ORDER BY Orders.Freight DESC;

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