.tmp file in shared folder


Mwila O C Mwila

i have a problem that is puzzling me. one user, the only xp pro/xp office
user has a .tmp file created on a shared folder each time he opens and saves
an excel spreadtsheet to the shared folder or locally.
anybody have clue




Excel does not use the file on disk but makes a .tmp file whic
overwrites the old file and is deleted when the main file is closed
Generally this is used in c:\TEMP folder but this can be changed
especially if Excel becomes confused by network settings



Dave Peterson

I've never seen xl make temp files except in the windows Temp folder.

There was recent post that blamed a specific antivirus program:
The problem was with the antivirus Panda ClientShield. When I uninstall the
antivirus I don't have any problem with Excel.

If you're not using that AV, maybe you could disable your version and see if
that fixes the problem.

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