Hi I went to some Lindas web site where she has all kinds of tips. She says
that its not enough to JUST delete temporary files by using the
tools>options>and delete the files there. She suggested to do a search on
the pc & put this ( *.tmp,*.chk,~*.* ) in the search box. I did.There were
lots of things I deleted there.She says its safe to delete ALL but if in
doubt, to just leave the ones you think should stay. I left the 3 files with
the "~" in it cause I know that that is the address book. And a couple more.
Has anyone else done this sort of 'clean up' and is it truly safe??? here is
the link that I went to www.personal-computer-tutor.com




Yes, it's safe. Worst can happen is windows -might- stop
responding because it was using one of the temporary files
you deleted. If you boot and don't open any apps, the do
the deletions, you should be fine. Then Restart again and
go on.

*.chk files are file fragments from scandisk operations and
of no use to any but more advanced users. OTOH, they do no
harm either and if you've lost a file, might contain that
The others are temporary files and usually get deleted
automatically unless something crashes, which often leaves
the temp files behind. If you had many of them you must be
having crashes now and then?



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