tinker shows a white screen



I just downloaded tinker via windows update.

It shows a white screen in most area, other than text.

E.g. selecting file->exit shows "do you really want to exit?" on a white
background. There is no yes or no button to click on. However, if I click
below the text somewhere the program does exit.

Does this have something to do with video driver? The other games (texas
poker, solitaire, free cell, ...) all works fine.

Scott McBurney

I've got the same problem. I have a tablet with vista ultimate, and intel
82855 graphics (doesn't support aero). I haven't found any solutions to
this problem yet.


I replaced video card (geforce4 mx 440) with a geforce FX 5700 ultra and the
game now works. Unfortunately aero still doesn't work.

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