Timezone and daylight saving problems


Marcelo Grafulha

I have 2 machines, one running Windows NT with NTFS and another one
running Windows 98 with FAT32. The saved files in the NT are copied for the
98. My confirmation of that the copied file is the same, is for the
timestamp and lenght of it. When the NT enters in the daylight saving, has a
difference of 1 hour between the file that is in the NT and the same file
that is in the 98. When I use 2 machines with Windows NT or 2 machines with
Windows 98, this problem doesn't happen.
I know that the NT use for reading and writing the UTCTime and the
98 uses the LTCTime. I also know that the NTFS records certain attributes
of the file timestamp that are not supported by the FAT32.
How I can prevent that this happens when the NT enters and leaves
the daylight saving using NT and 98?
Already I used Time Zone Editor in the NT to turn off the summer
schedule and to modify the bias for zero, to prevent this problem, but did
not function. Anyone have any idea?


In the UK (GMT), I have had the same problem for the last two years twice a
year when daylight saving operates (because I back up daily from an XP PC to
a ME PC) ! I've not found any similar query on the Web (except yours) with
the same problem/query! I've had to delete files on the ME and copy over from
XP PC (rather than face the query on every file as to which I wish to save!).
Hope someone has the answer.
Sep 23, 2011
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I get this problem also when copying files from Windows 98 (FAT32) to Windows 2000 (NTFS). As I understand it, timestamps are stored as the no. seconds since 1st January 1970 (according to Microsoft, if I recall correctly).

A search for: "timestamp issue" windows 98
- at Microsoft.com yields no results, presumably because they suck lol.
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