Timesheet Formula Problem



I am trying to set up a timesheet to cover staff working 24 hrs. Day an
night hours are paid at a different rate (and staff members all hav
different rate of pay). The day hours start at 7.00 and end at 19.00
Night hours are in between. It is the calculation of the hours I a
having trouble with.
The spreadsheet is laid out as follows:
Cell R4 is Start Time S4 is Finish Time T4 is Day Hours U4 is Nigh
Hours. I have entered hours for the first two staff in the followin
R5 contains 20.00 and S5 contains 9.00
R6 contains 6.00 and S6 contains 18.00.
I have tried numerous formula but none of them work correctly. I woul
be very grateful for any assistance




I have spent hours trying to get to grips with time formulas for tim
sheets and eventually cracked it. If you send your example I will hav
a look. (e-mail address removed)


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