Timeout expired



I have a problem that seems to occur at random.

I am running a .Net windows application on a Windows 2000 machine which
connects to a MS SQL Server 2000 on a Windows 2003 Server. The
application is running just fine but every two months or so I start
receiving "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to
completion of the operation or the server is not responding." errors. I
also get it from the Web interface, the IIS 6 is running on a Windows
2003 server. Earlier I restarted the Windows 2003 Server where Sql
Server is running and the problem seemed to go away.

The last time this occured I found KB 328476 which suggest to use
connection pooling. I started using that and the problem seemed to
disappear, but now it is back. I restarted the whole computer where Sql
Server is running with no success. I use SqlClient in my database

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



W.G. Ryan - MVP


Do you have the latest SP on your Sql Server? We were having awful timeout
issues and tried every sort of query tuning thing we could think of,
archived data - you name it we did it. Put a dent in the problem but just a
dent. After the latest sp, we restarted sql server and poof, it disappeared.

However, there are two kinds of timeouts - Connection timeouts and command
timeouts. It's important to go after the right one and from the error
message, I can't recall which has which error text.

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