Time slice on Windows 2000/NT

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Alexander Ivanovski

Does anybody know how to configure the Windows scheduler?
I need to change a time slice (quantum) on Windows
2000/NT/XP within my own application (user level 3). Is
there any special API?





I'm pretty sure that you can't alter the quantum in Windows 2000 or XP.
There was a way in NT to change the quantum using the registry, but I can't
remember it now...I seem to recall reading it on www.sysinternals.com, but
that's just a guess. At any rate, it was a "bug", because a process could
alter the quantum so that it never ran out, which would kinda defeat the
purpose of having a preemptive-multitasking system :)

You can influence how often your threads get scheduled, though. Check out
SetThreadPriority() and SetPriorityClass().


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