Time scale on x Axis What am I doing wrong?



Issues at hand:
1. I have a list of smapling dates and the first date is during the middle
of the month... I dont want the minimum x axis to be the same as the first
sampling date bc it places the point in the graph to close to y axis... why
does the Min and Max x axis values not allow be to enter jullian dates that
are below or above the min and max dates in my data series?? When I enter
the new dates and click ok... nothing happens and the values are nolonger in
the fields when i return to the dialog box.

2. I must not understand the Major and Minor values for the x axis bacaue I
have the smae experience as in issue above... noting happens and when I go
back to dialog box it is the same as before I changed

3. I am trying to get the x axis to start at say Nov 1st 1992... then show
tic marks for January 1993 and then another tic mark for January 1994....

Can we not post .xls files for people to look at on this site? Did I not do
that before?

Maybe you can suggest a link for me



Jon Peltier

If you could describe the problem clearly enough, you wouldn't need to
upload your workbook.

What version of Excel are you using?

Does it accept dates in the X axis scale parameter boxes? When you enter a
date there, do you leave the Auto box *UN*checked? Checking it makes it auto
again, so Excel will do whatever it wants, not what you want.

Have you set the base unit to days, not months?

Your tick marks have to appear at regular intervals starting at the axis

- Jon

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