three networking questions



I have three XP pro PCs at home using a D-Link DI-604 4 port router
sharing a Verizon DSL connection through a Westell 2200 modem
One of the machines is brand new.

PC#1 has the printer
PC#2 has a usb external 350g hard drive and usb scanner; and I use
this macjhine to upload the Kodak camera
PC #3 (the new one) has no accessories yet, but I have an additional
usb 250g hard drive I'd like to connect and share across the network.
It's my wife and myself so privacy issues.
Now I'll be bringing home a laptop from work which I use on the wired
domain network there.

I also got a Netgear FS608 switch plugged into one port of the D-Link
router; and my laptop plugged into the switch. All the computers
connect to the Internet great.
I just did that. usually all four computers were going into the
router, but I wanted to try out the switch.
I did have some folder sharing set up before between the PC's, but
when my main machine bit the dust, it took its settings with it, so
now I'm more or less starting over and wanted some tips.
Question #1: How do I configure all machines for peer to peer file &
device sharing?
I was warned by the sysadmin at work not to screw up the laptop domain
settings, so should I add a network connection so I have that option
pop up in my logon screen? right now I think I have 2 choices, dial up
or logon the the work domain.
Question #2: How?

Question #3: Would it be better to connect all the computers to the
switch and free up the three ports on the router?




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