Threading in applications


Przemek M. Zawada

Dear Friends,

My VC++ application works in following order:

[1] Initialization
- Connecting with Database (remote or local)
- Detecting whether there are any changes in database

[2] If changes are remotely or locally:
- Download data from remote server (MySQL/FreeBSD)
- Differential diagnose with local sources and completing both sources

[3] Wait for user to insert data
- Insert locally
- Insert remotely

Everything is working perfectly, but I do have an annoying problem while
waiting for response from remote database (network connection - low
bandwidth, etc.). The problem is, that my application is a bit frozen
then (not-responding problems) and that's really not user friendly.

I'm not asking for code samples, obviously, whether I ask for
suggestions how should I start. I presume the solution is in
multi-threading and opening new background-threads for database
connections and data transfers. What I need is a schemata of development
work-flow for such application.

What I have done for today, I have few libraries, which are used for
connecting, fetching, exporting and computing data with no relation with

Thank you very much for hints.

All the best,
Przemek M. Zawada

Environmental details:
* Visual Studio 2008 + .NET 3.5 framework (at Windows XP box)
* MySQL Connector/.NET 6.4.3

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