Thin Clients - How To Choose?


Troy Murray

In our lab we'd like to try how a thin client would work. I've setup a
Windows 2003 server with the Terminal Services/Remote Desktop services
running on it. I've loaded our applications onto it as well as the
preferred office suite product. We are able to connect using the Remote
Desktop software for Windows 2000/XP as well as the Remote Desktop Web

The next step is a thin client to replace an aging system here in the lab.
I'm somewhat overwhelmed by all of the choices available. I know that I
will need either a PS/2 or USB port for the keyboard/mouse connection. I'd
like a parallel port in case the user wants to use a local printer (although
not sure how to set this up with a thin client yet). I have one user that
has a Palm device that connects via serial, so I'd like that port on the
thin client so he can still HotSync. A wireless option would be great as
well, but not required.

Any suggestions? Do I need to be concerned what "os" the thin client runs?
CE? Embedded XP? Does it matter? Do I need to watch for a certain version
of the RDP client built into the thin client?

Any help would be very appreciated!

-Troy Murray

Cláudio Rodrigues

If you need serial port mapping, this narrows your search to thin clients
fully compatible with the RDP5.2 specs. Some that use Linux as the core OS
may NOT support that.
The ones using CE.NET tend to be cheaper than the ones using XP embedded for
If they use Linux it is even cheaper.
One brand I used and like it is AthenaUSA (

Cláudio Rodrigues, MVP
Windows 2000/NT Server
Terminal Services


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