The video device failed to initialize for fullscreen mode



When I press ALT ENTER in a DOS window I get the
message "The video device failed to initialize for
fullscreen mode.". This also occurs with 16 bit DOS
programs that try to run in VGA mode. Text mode is OK
(in a window only). I'm running a stand-alone PC with XP
Home. I think this problem has developed only recently,
as I'm pretty sure that I've been able to run fullscreen
DOS sessions before. I've tried all possible
combinations of options in the "Properties" area - full
screen, window, compatability, etc. Nothing has any
effect. I've searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base, but
have not found a solution. I'm using an nVidia GForce 2
MX/MX 400 video card with the latest driver installed. I
tried to contact nVidia but they direct all customers to
their motherboard manufacturers. In my case Gigabyte,
who have not responded. Any help would be much
appreciated. Thanks.

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