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I created a 4 page website.
I have the pages named Vemma, Verve, Vemma Next, zing
All pages are links from the home page.
FrontPage labeled my home page as index.htm
I advertised and the advertiser misstyped my webpage as So I created the zing page in hopes to have people
go directly to that page. Any clue how to get that /zing page to view?

Steve Easton

Make a folder named zing in your site
Place a copy of your home page ( index.htm ) in the zing folder.

On the copy in the zing folder, update the page links so they point to the proper pages.

Then publish the folder and page.

If someone clicks the copy of the home page will open.

Just make sure you update the links to Vemma, Verve, Vemma Next, zing in the copy in the zing folder
or the browser will look for them inside zing and they won't be there.


Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP Expression Web

FP Cleaner
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