"The project is not configured to be debugged" for classic asp


John Dalberg

I am getting the error '..... The project is not configured to be debugged'
when I try to debug a classic ASP project using Visual Studio 2003 and
Windows 2003.

I have 'enable asp debugging' checked in confiuation manager. I have allow
all verbs for asp.dll in IIS.

Plus I have been installing/uninstalling Microsoft Script debugger and
Microsoft Script editor plus changing setting in Machine Debug Manager and
JIT to no avail.

I have ran out of ideas. I can't debug asp scripts in any way or form.

Any help is appreciated.

John Dalberg


1)Press start
2) kontrolpanel
4)IIS (Internet Information Services)
5)Open computername
6)Open webplace
7)Open standard webplace
8)Right click the project
9)Click properties
10) Map

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