The procedure entry point StrTokEx cannot be located

Discussion in 'Microsoft Outlook Discussion' started by Robert Rodriguez, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. After attempting to install a recent MS update on my W2K
    system my Outlook 2000 has been giving me errors. I tried
    updates, re-installing and even taking out office

    Problem: When attempting to save a new appointment or use
    any of the special features I get this message. "The
    procedure entry point StrTokEx could not be located in the
    dynamic link library MSOERT2.dll.” This message comes up
    twice then I get another message. “An error occured while
    attempting to open the Windows Address Book. unable to
    find the WAB DLL.”

    I am concerned about loosing my contact database.
    Robert Rodriguez, Oct 2, 2003
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  2. Robert Rodriguez

    Vanguard Guest

    So, does the MSOERT.DLL actually exist on your computer?

    From simple examination of the filename, it appears to be MS OE RT DLL,
    or Microsoft Outlook Express RunTime Dynamic Linked Library. I looked
    at mine by right-clicking on it and the Version tab says it is Microsoft
    Outlook Express RT Lib, so I was close. Looks like you need to
    reinstall Internet Explorer (which includes Outlook Express). You
    didn't mention which version of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express
    you have installed on your computer. Perhaps OL2000 is trying to call a
    function from the DLL that doesn't exist in older version of this
    library. Or maybe the DLL file is corrupted (have you ran an anti-virus
    Vanguard, Oct 3, 2003
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