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Feb 23, 2002
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We have unveiled a new section of PC Review, the "Righteous Rig" - thanks to our latest moderator 1nteger!

The Righteous Rig section is dedicated to bringing up-to-date information on each component of a PC, and recommending the best choice for an "all-round" performance PC.

A quick snippet from the Memory section:

If your computer was a kitchen, the memory might be the amount of work-surface you have to prepare food on - say the kitchen table. Your cupboards (HDD) could be full of the finest ingredients and you could have shelves full of cookbooks containing brilliant recipes (applications), but if you only have a work area the size of a coffee table don't expect to be able to prepare a dinner for 10 people. A nice big work area that allows you to get out as many things as possible will significantly increase your chances of success.

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If you have any suggestions for changes to the system, please visit our forums and let us know!


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Feb 26, 2003
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Brilliant writing, stunningly thoughtful analogy, and clearly very knowledgeable...who in their right mind would want to change anything? :D :D :D :spin: :D :D :D

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