The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A is broken.



My keyboard short cut for select all is messed up. When I press Ctrl+A I get
this: ‘→’ (right arrow). I can Ctrl and left click to the left of text to do
this, but the Ctrl+A command seems to be wrong.

This doesn't affect Excel 2007 - only Word. Any ideas?

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Click the arrow at the end of the QAT and choose More Commands... In the
ensuing dialog, click on the Customize... button at the bottom next to
"Keyboard shortcuts." Select "All Commands" as the category and select any
command at random (you might as well choose the first one, which doesn't
have a shortcut). Enter Ctrl+A in the box labeled "Press new shortcut key."

Note what is given for "Currently assigned to." This may include
EditSelectAll, but note any other commands listed. If there are none, clear
the entry, scroll down to EditSelectAll, and assign it. But if, as is
likely, some other command (or, in this case, character) is given, scroll
down to that one and unassign it, then reassign to EditSelectAll.

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