The DropDown triangle's color in a ToolStripDropDownButton



Hi there - if I try to set the BackColor and ForeColor of a ToolStrip
- like this:

this.toolStrip1.BackColor = Color.Black;
this.toolStrip1.ForeColor = Color.White;

The ToolStripDropDownButton's drop down triangle remains black - which
makes it invisible - until the user moves their mouse over the control
- because then the back color changes to a lighter shade.

The only member of ToolStripDropDownButton associated with that
triange is whether to show it - i.e.

There doesn't appear to be a way to set its color - does anyone have
any suggestions on how to update its color so that it is contrasted
with the selected back color? My guess is that my only two options
1. Override the OnPaint for the ToolStripDropDownButton - which would
be way more work than I want to invest to get this working
2. Add something other than ToolStripDropDownButtons to my ToolStrip -
I think I've seen that you can add ComboBoxes or something to
ToolStrips - not sure? Is there an alternate GUI object I could use
that would allow this level of customization?


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