The dreaded Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding message



I have now tried to install and re-install the Nvidia driver updates right
from the Nvidia site. I followed all of their steps completely. I keep
getting the message "At least one display driver is not compatible.. and..
"Incompatible display adapter has been disabled." I have a Dell computer,
which had the Intel 82865G Graphics controller driver in it. Would it be
colliding with my Nvidia GForce 6200 driver?

I have tried disabling the Intel driver and even did an uninstall, as the
directions say for the Nvidia update.. <sigh> This is getting so
frustrating! Still can't complete the Nvidia update. HELP!




Some OEM manufacturers (Dell, Gateway, HP, etc.) install proprietary
drivers, so that the drivers from vendors like nVidia or ATI won't work. Try
downloading and installing the drivers for your PC from the Dell website.
Then follow all the instructions you refer to for installing those drivers.

Cal Bear '66

You mean you originally had an Intel graphics controller built into your
motherboard and then upgraded to an nVidia 6200?

Have you gone into the BIOS and FIRST disabled the onboard Intel controller, and
then upon rebooting let Vista detect the nVidia and finally installed the latest
nVidia drivers? Unless you disable the onboard graphics you cannot use the
nVidia card.

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