The check box list control in MS Access 2010




Jack D. Leach

Are you using 2007? This is a feature of the Multi-Value Fields introduced
in Access 2007.

Aside from that, I'd say that article gives a pretty good rundown on how to
utilize the control.

Pre-2007 versions don't have such controls available.

- Jack D. Leach (Access MVP)
UtterAccess Wiki:

"Kai Apel" wrote in message

Hi NG,

I'm searching for listbox with checkboxes for select. the normal
listbox in ms access didn't have the an option property, but I've
found this page:
- so that's what I need, does anybody can send me a sample or explain,
how do I develop such control?




Access 2013, Access 365, Access online - answer for:
How to create drop down check box lists on forms for multiple values:

I found the Microsoft website did not explain this whatsoever, it simply stated it is possible. I also found the method quite painful:

My method requires you have a table and a form; close one before you open the other, throughout the steps.

1. On the table, CREATE the relevant field as a SHORT TEXT.
Give it a name (FIELD1).
2. In DESIGN VIEW, click the LOOKUP tab
and change DISPLAY CONTROL to "Combo Box"
3. Close table, open your form in DESIGN VIEW and create a new combo box.
4. A Wizard opens. Select "I will type the values that I want" and NEXT.
5. In the column list all the options you wish to be selectable. you may want to include "none" or "other" so you can record alternate or 0 values for data.
6. NEXT, "Remember the values for later" - other option doesn't work for me.
7. NEXT, Name it (FIELD1) and FINISH.

You have now only created a drop down box, from which you can select 1 option.
The box appears as UNBOUND, it will not save data in the table.

8. Right click on your FIELD1 and open "Properties" which appear to the right.
9. At CONTROL SOURCE, select the appropriate field (FIELD1).
10. Underneath this is the Row Source, appearing "like";"this". COPY that line of text and paste it into a blank notepad or word document (You may need it).
11. SAVE and close the form. OPEN the table.
12. In the FIELD1 field you should now be able to select from the list you made, but you can't because after all these years Access still doesn't work:
In DESIGN VIEW select the FIELD1 from the list, click the LOOK UP tab again:
Change "Row Source Type" to "Value List" and in "Row Source" paste the line of text containing your options ("this";"one").
13. Change "Limit to List" to YES.
14. Change "Allow Multiple Values" to YES. A dialog box appears. Click YES.
15. Save it, close it and reopen the Table. There should now be a multiple tick box, drop-down list in the FIELD1 column.
16. The combo box on the form should also have this functionality.

I am sure there's an easier way than this, but you should have seen how I got there the first few times. Hope this helps!



Access Developer

I'm not sure there's a generally-accepted definition of "drop down check box
lists on forms for multiple values" -- would you clarify for me? And, if
it's not obvious, what you want to accomplish with this -- I ask because,
since January 1993, I've been using Access daily (as a contract developer,
consultant, to explain it to my user group, and for personal use) and have
never suffered from the lack of a control as I (think) you have described.
Also, someone might be able to suggest an alternate approach to implementing

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