TFT shadow problem



I have just bought a new 17" TFT screen. I have used it fine with an IBM T41
laptop (once I upgraded to the latest video drivers) but off my desktop PC
there's a horrible shadow. My graphics card is a GF4 ti4200 and I've
downloaded the latest drivers fron NVIDIA but no change. I even tried using
the cable from the laptop but again no difference. Connected to a 17" CRT the
display is fine. I'm only using 1280x1024 which is the spec for the TFT.
Anyone got any good ideas? Thanks.



V Green

You're probably running off the analog port NOT the DVI
port, and you may need to run the auto-adjust for the TFT (see the

If that doesn't do it, switch video cards to ATi. My experience
with nVidia is that they are far worse performers on the VGA-out
(analog) than ATi cards are.

CRT's are an analog display (vs. digital for TFT) and "mask"
analog deficiencies.

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