Textbox overlapping footnote




I placed some diagrams together with a caption into a text box and placed
the whole thing on the bottom of a page anchored to the respective
paragraph*. Now I wanted to add a footnote to the same page, but it is not
visible because of the text box overlaying it. Is there a way to work around
that issue conveniently. It's gonna be a document of several hundred pages
with dozens of pictures, diagrams and the like. There is absolutely no way
for me to check every single footnote and diagram for such issues.

Regards, Fabian

* This only way I know to do that half-way convenient. If anyone knows how I
can place a picture including its caption on a page in a way that
- does not leave half a page empty if it does not fit on it (in-line
- does not overlay other stuff
- is not dependent on text changes before it
then please, please, tell me. Seriously, Microsoft, I think you should
really rethink the way large objects are placed within a flowing text!



Stefan Blom

In Word, there are limited options for placing objects.:-(

I guess the quickest way to deal with the problem would be converting the
footnotes to endnotes.

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