Textbox Blur event in gridview item template



Hi friends,

I have a gridview which loads an XML file to display a textbox and
other dropdownlists. Which is used for data entry.

The user will enter an empid in the textbox. Once leaving the
textbox(for example after pressing tab), I need to fire Blur event of
that textbox and retrieve the empname and display in the next column
of the textbox in the gridview. How can I fire the blur event of

After entering the empid in textbox and pressing tab key should fire
the event and retrieve the empname from the database and display in
gridview next column.

Thanks in advance



bruce barker

in client script attach a onblur eventhandler. then with ajax you can
call the server to do the db work and return the results, which you
display in the column.

one issue you will face is that ajax is async, so the focus may go to he
next column before the ajax call completes.

-- bruce (sqlwork.com)


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