Text wrapping for appointments



I am a new user to Outlook. When I print out a daily calendar page,
appointments that I typed in are cut off. The text did not "wrap." My right
margin is OK. Any advice? Thanks!


Brian that did NOT help at all! Why is the program outlook 07 not
automatically wrapping text to fit in the box???????? We have done downloads
and I have tried all the approaches presented. Your prompt response is
greatly appreciated!


Outlook is awesome - but lack of text wrapping can be frustrating!

The best way i find to deal with this is to use a Addin for MS Office
Called WinCalendar.
It renders Outlook calendar as native MS Word or Excel format in a
variety of Layouts (+ text wrapping). A nice plus is that you can
also further edit like any doc / xls file. Works well, but it is not
free (free to try). See here for more info & for screen shots of
Outlook calendars in Word & Excel format:


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