Text upside down!



I'm designing a basic wall planner in Excel, and due to the way it is
laid out I really need to have text in certain cells displaying upside
down. At least, the text will be upside down in Excel - once the
planner is printed out and displayed correctly, the text should run
upwards when you are reading it.

It is easy to rotate text in a cell minus 90 degrees to plus 90
degrees from the horizontal, but I cannot find any way to rotate it a
full 180 degrees so it looks upside down. There are quite a few cells
to be done in this way.

Is there any way I can do this, apart from saving off the ordinary
cells, pasting them into Word as a Picture, rotating them 180 degrees
then pasting them back? This is one method of 180 degree rotation I
have tried before, but given the amount of this there is to do, I
wondered if there was an easier way....

Any help would be appreciated!

Steve Wylie

Dave Peterson

You can paste as a picture within excel.

Type your string in a cell (a different worksheet???)
Edit|copy that cell

Select the destination cell
shift-edit|paste picture link
and rotate the picture the way you like

It's never looked as nice as I hoped for me.

But pasting as picture link means that you can modify the "sending" cell and the
picture will change.


Thank you for your responses. It is as I thought - although the
slight tweak of inserting as a link rather than embedded picture will
at least help if, as you say, the content changes.


Dave Peterson

Maybe you could use WordArt instead?

In xl2003:

It may look prettier.

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