Text in column too long - making it hard to read spreadsheet



We're using Excel to document technical issues regarding our biz processes.
Right now there are 50 rows of issue records. One of the columns is called
'Update' where it describes the steps taken to resolve the issue. This column
is getting too long and there are columns to each side of it so it can't be
widened anymore as the spreadsheet gets printed for mgmt rpts.

Is there a way to show the 1st sentence of each Update and then have it
display on another worksheet somehow? Or otherwise make the column smaller?
(Have tried font, etc, to no avail).

Any help or ideas at all are appreciated. Am only versed in basic Excel.
Thank you.



Luke M

Have you tried formatting the cell (under alignment) to word wrap, and then
goto format, row-autofit?

If that won't work, you could mimic what you describe by using a combination
of the FIND and LEFT/RIGHT functions.
would return the first sentence.
would return everything else.

You could simply put these formula wherever you actually want the data
displayed, but you'd have to remember to input the actual text in the correct
spot. (maybe a hidden column, or off to the side out of print range?)

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