text file into tab-delimited file?



I have a text file (*.txt) consisting of words separated by commas.
Smith (324), Andrews (512), Henry (112), .... etc.

Is there an easy way to convert this into a tab delimited file I can
import into a spreadsheet?

Thank you.


Beth Melton

Did you try opening the file in Excel? It should automatically display an
Import Wizard that accommodates comma separated values -- you shouldn't need
to convert it to a tab delimitated file first.

Also note the focus of this group is for Word related issues. For future
Excel questions the Excel newsgroups are the best place to obtain Excel
related help. :)

Please post all follow-up questions to the newsgroup. Requests for
assistance by email cannot be acknowledged.

Beth Melton
Microsoft Office MVP

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garfield-n-odie [MVP]

Not sure why you need to, because most spreadsheets will import both
comma-delimited and tab-delimited text, but yes you can. In Word 2003
or earlier, click on Edit | Replace | More. Click in the "Find what"
box, and type a comma. Click in the "Replace with" box, and click on
Special | Tab Character | Replace All.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

I think Excel can import comma-separated files, but you can replace the
commas with tabs easily enough. Type a comma and a space in the "Find what"
box of the Find and Replace dialog and ^t in the "Replace with" box. Then
Replace All. You'll have to save as a Word doc, though, to preserve the
formatting. You can then copy/paste the text into Excel, or you can use
Table | Convert | Text to Table to convert it to a table before

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

Email cannot be acknowledged; please post all follow-ups to the newsgroup so
all may benefit.

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