Text animation that starts only at the 2nd bullet point



In my presentation I want the text to appear on click, but only starting at
the 2nd bullet point, I want the 1st bullet point to always be already there
when a new slide comes up. I can set the slide master to have every bullet
point with a text animation, but I can't think of a trick that would skip
applying an animation to the first bullet point. Is there an easy way of
doing that using the slide master?


John Wilson

It's easy IF they don't have to be on the Master.
Just set all to click, hit the little drop arrow in the animation pane below
the entry and set the first line only to "With previous"

On the Master it's tricky
Set the second level to look exactly like the first. Set first lebvel to
with previous and second to click

To use this you will have to press Tab when you start the second line.

Lucy Thomson

Oooh, I like that. In addition, I would probably make the second level text
a different colour while I was creating the slides so I could visually tell
if they were 2nd level or not, then change it back when the presentation was


Lucy Thomson
PowerPoint MVP
MOS Master Instructor

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