Terminal Services Logging


John B

Is there a way to setup a log, that will log who logs on and off a server
using Terminal Services? Thanks.


Rahisuddin Shah

Hi, Try this below

Step 1: Create the following two files using Notepad :

echo logon %username% %computername% %date% %time% >>

echo logoff %username% %computername% %date% %time% >>

Step 2: Update Group Policy to run the appropriate batch file. In Group
Policy, go to:
User Configuration-> Windows Settings-> Scripts (Logon/Logoff)-> Logon

Step 3: As users log on and off, your log file should look something like

logon John PC1 Mon 22/02/2005 10:39:51.12
logoff John PC1 Mon 22/02/2005 10:41:08.45
logon Donnie PC2 Mon 22/02/2005 10:42:01.07
logoff Donnie PC2 Mon 22/02/2005 10:42:46.81

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