Terminal Server reboots


Don H

One of our Terminal servers reboots on its own at least
once a day. This has been happening for at least a month
now and I can't find anyhting wrong. HAs anyone
experienced this with Windows 2000 advanced server?

Matthew Harris [MVP]

What does it say in the eventlog? Can you disable
automatic reboots when a blue screen STOP error occurs?

Also do you have the latest service pack running?


Don H

I disabled the automatic reboots when blue screen appears.
But it still happens. The error in event veiwer says Event
ID: 6008 The previous system shutdown was unexpected.
Any ideas?

Matthew Harris [MVP]

Can you reproduce this behavior in some manner?

Have you changed any hardware recently?



Check your users on the local machine (terminal server)
Any of them have admin or Power user rights? IF so, they
may be inadvertently shutting down the system when they
think they are merely logging out of a TS session.

Kaeber, Roland


is it possible that you have a problem with your hardware. I think there is
a problem with the power supply or ups. Check your server hardware logs if
you have server hardware.

Roland Kaeber



I want to react to these messages: i have many ts
installation. One of them was working fine on a windows
2000 server, making connection between France and Madrid
in Spain !! But one day, the server never stops from
rebooting !! I have seen the problem: in safe mode, the
server works without problems but in normal mode, in just
reboots and reboots. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING:
uninstall/reinstall ts, reload SPs, uninstall unecessary
services ... And never resolve the problem !!!!!!!! It
wasn't hardware and nothing was changed in the
system !!!!!!! No virus too .. The only solution for me
has been formating and installing all the system again ...
Hours and days of hard work !!! And it is still the
mystery why this happened !!!!!

That's is all i wanted to say .;; Maybe calling Microsoft
and paying for support they could have find something ..;
i'm not sure ...

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