temporary internet folder



I have a shortcut to my tempoary internet folder on my desk top. I clean it
oou everyday except for a few website cookies which I use very often.

I just downloaded some Microsoft updates for XP and now when I open the
tempoary internet folder short cut on my desk top I get a message in an
Interent Explorer window 'This page has an unspecified potrntial security
flaw. Would you like to continue?'

What happened and what should I do?

Wesley Vogel

This page contains an unspecified potential security flaw.
Would you like to continue?

Message when accessing the Content.IE5 folder.

This is caused by a recent Windows Update.

this is the one.

MS06-045: Vulnerability in Windows Explorer could allow remote code

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-045
Vulnerability in Windows Explorer Could Allow Remote Code Execution (921398)

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User


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