TechTAK on Saturday


Raven Mill

Okay everyone. This week's TechTAK show is the last in the afternoon
timeslot. We move to 6pm AKDT starting NEXT Saturday. (That's 6pm GMT-9)

Catch up on the topic and site news at ...

We'd REALLY like feedback from folks on what you'd like to hear on the show
during the new additional hour we have to play with. (Yes, I'm sure
Nickleback or whoever your favorite band will just LOVE to come to Alaska
and play a free show for us, but we're REALLY looking for PC/Technology
items... ;)

We're also looking for people to write articles/reviews for the new website
layout. No pay, but you can have your 15 minutes of fame... Stories may
or may not be edited for content/time constraints, so keep that in mind. It
*IS* a broadcast radio program, so language is an issue.

Check out the ABOUT US page for the history of TechTAK and what we're all

Raven Mill


I want to thank those who've come to listen to our little show. The
response from this ng has been pretty good. We try very hard to keep the
mood casual, as I really hate having to tell people they can't
ask/comment/etc on things off-topic if they like. The only thing we keep a
rule on is NO POLITICS. lol

I'd like to invite you folks to come on in the chatroom during the show to
participate some. Syn, my LFWPT, pays pretty close attention in there while
we air on NNB, so it's not just a place for listeners to crumble, you're
actually a large part of the show that way.

The show airs THIS week only:

3pm AKDT (AKDT is -9 GMT)

Starting next week, we move to our new timeslot of 6pm AKDT

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