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I have W2k domain with 2 DCs. DC1 was the first DC and holds all the FSMO
roles. Both DCs use AD integrated DNS. DC2 is also an Exchange 2003 server.

DC1 points its DNS to itself only (Preferred) no Alternate dns configured.

Question is where should I point the DNS on the DC2 / Exchange server?

Currently, DC2 preferred dns points to DC1 only. Should it point to itself
also and maybe point to DC1 as an alternate DNS?





James W. Long

dc 1 should point to dc 1 and thats the way it should be.

there are two methods.
1. set dc2 to point to dc1
if dc1 goes down its a problem
secondary on dc2 can be another dns server, if you have one running
you dont want an internet dns server here, thats what forwarders are for.
this config points all dns to one point.

2. set dc2 to itself -but what I dont know is how this impacts exchange.
It _should be able to resolve everything it did before because dns is
in ad,
which is shared between your dc's.
secondary can be blank or dc1 if you like.

a dns server will only switch to the secondary if it cannot reach the
and will not switch just because the data is bad.

the default timeout to check the primary again is 15 minutes.

James Long.

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