DNS setting for forest and child DCs



How do I configure the client DNS settings for these DCs? Or what is the best

DC1.domain.com (site A) --- Its primary client DNS settings point to it
self. I'm assuming this is correct because is the first AD DNS integrated
domain. How about the secondary? Should it be blank?

DC2.domain.com (site B) --- Should its primary DNS setting point to itself
or DC1 IP address? How about secondary(alternate) DNS setting?

Child_DC1.child1.domain.com (site A) --- Primary DNS should point to DC1 or
itself? How about altenate DNS?
Child_DC2.child1.domain.com (site B) --- Primary DNS should point to DC2 or
itself? How about altenate DNS?

I have read two aricles at MS web site that contradicts them selves. One
says to pint to itself always and the other one says if you do this way it
may cause a DNS island problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Jason Fitzpatrick

I find that populating both DNS Addresses in a cross over fassion (server A
points to Server B as primary and server A as secondary, Server B points to
Server A as Primary and server B as secondary) has always given me the
fewest problems, in this config when a server is booting up it has the
ability of accessing a DNS server even if its own DNS service has not loaded
up yet..


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