TCP/IP between host without LAN to VirtualPC?



How can I communicate between my laptop and a Virtual PC with TCP when the
LAN cable is unplugged?
I have a Lenovo laptop with Vista Ultimate SP1. On this laptop I run Virtual
PC 2007 with XP Pro.

When the laptop is connected to a LAN i can ping the "VPC XP", but when I
unplug the the laptop's LAN cable it is not possible to ping the "VPC XP".

I have tried to install the microsoft "loopback adapter" and setting static
IP address on it and on the "VPC XP", but it is not
possible to ping (ping say: Reply form Destination
host unreachable). I have never tried the loopback adapter before so I
guess I am doing something wrong.

Best regards from Gaute


After some thinking I found the "obvious" solution - it works perfectly now:
1. Select Edit + Settings in the menu.
2. Select Networking in the list.
3. Select the host's loopback adapter instead of the physical NIC

Best regards from Gaute

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