Task Scheduler doesnt run tasks


James W. Long

Hi All,

I have a task set to run at user Logon.
It does not run anymore.

I used to run fine.
The task was created by the user who is an Adminisrator on the machine.

I can run it manually from within the task scheduler window.
The Task Scheduler Log shows no information
about running my task at logon, as if it did not even exist.

I have stopped and started the task scehduler service. I have rebooted.
I have deleted and recreated the task. still, it will not run when I log on.

I found that if I assign a time to run, the task scheduler runs the task

What changed:
The user account password was changed on the system and domain.
The user account password was also updated for tasks which required them.
Windows defender was removed from the computer.
Spybot 1.4 was udgraded to Spybot 1.5.
Ad-Aware was upgraded to Ad-Aware 2007 Free
Windows defender was reinstalled just in case its deinstall had somehow
affected this, but no difference was found.

how do I make task scheduler run tasks at logon correctly as it should?

Thank you in advance,
James W. Long,
Network Adminstrator
(e-mail address removed)



James W. Long

Its fixed; I reinstalled Task manager unsing install on mstask.inf. thank

James W. Long
Network Administrator

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