Task Scheduler API


Swaminathan J

I need to schedule a series of events to be sent to a service running under
the System account (this is required because it does some data collection
even when nobody is logged on). I am using the task scheduler to schedule a
task (which raises my events by notifying the service). But the task
scheduler requires a local account for each task. While I am programatically
creating tasks by using the Task Scheduler API, how do I send the username
and password for the current logged on account to this API without needing
the user to type it in?

Also is there any way to schedule tasks using the task scheduler without a
username and password?



John Phillips

You could use NetScheduleJobAdd() - it doesn't require a username and
password. I used it long ago, so my memory is a bit foggy, but IIRC, it
uses the SYSTEM account to schedule jobs.

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