Task pane




I need your help please..
I have checked Show task pane at startup. When excel
start, i see the task pane but excel directly create a
new file and the task pane disappear..

How to make the task pane permanent or how to stop the
automatic creation of the new file ?

Thks a lot !

Dave Peterson

Does the taskpane show up momentarily and then disappear?

If yes:

This link will give you a macro that you could put into your personal.xl*
workbook (so it runs whenever you open excel):


But Jim Rech has posted this registry tweak (only if you're comfortable with
messing with the windows registry):

Add the Dword item "DoNotDismissFileNewTaskPane" under
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Common\General and assign
it the value 1.


Thanks, so much. I was having the same problem. Not only does the task pane show on startup, it stays there. I rely heavily on in Word, so this was great!

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