Task Manager indications


River Rat Mike

Can someone confirm there is something wrong with these Task Mang numbers?

My CPU Runs 100%, 100% of the time. I think that indicates the root cause
for a variaty of problems I expierience. I don't know if it is Software,
Hardware, or No Problem at all. I don't know what the Task Manager Main
Headings are suppossed to look like if they were correct. BUT I THINK THEY

Under the "Processes" Tab, bottom of page task bar reads Processes=47 CPU
Usage =100% Commit Charge=266M/919M

The first 2 Image Name Items are
PID=0,ImageName=SystemIdleProcess, BasePsi=N/A, CPU=0
PID=4, ImageName=System, BasePsi=Normal, CPU=96/ 85-98When fluctuates

Can someone confirm ther is something wrong with these numbers?


Looks like you posted to the wrong NG. Is your OS XP Home or XP Pro? If so, please post to microsoft.public.windowsxp.general

And I'd suggest you first to check what process from the list in the Task Manager takes most of the CPU time. Then you mat know who
is responsible for the system slowness.

River Rat Mike

KM: Thank you very much for your response on the MS “thig-a-ma-jigâ€, which I
am as familiar with as Task Manager or EG. I think you are telling me, what
I am guessing, does NOT look right. You ask what “Process†is using the bulk
of the CPU 100% Time. I said PID4-SYSTEM is using whatever any and every
other Process Is Not. For Instance, while running Task Manager, if
PID??-TaskManager=03% PID4-System=97% Seeeeeeeeeeee?????? Somethin’ Wrong;

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