target designer build error

Oct 29, 2011
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Since i am not good at windows and its my first attempt to make a exp for a custom hardware, please advice me. i build a normal xp e to run tap.exe, where i got my device.qmp. found 35 hardware but only 30 hardware loaded. i build the image anyway. no dep error but when i build the image i got 2 error. error is:

Error 1005 (0x3ED) in "PlatformLib::CopySrcFile2": File not found: "pci.vxd"
Error 1005 (0x3ED) in "PlatformLib::CopySrcFile2": File not found: "pcimp.pci"

can you advice how to go about it? processore is cyrix mediaGX 300 , its all in one board.
thanks for advice.
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