Tablename.Fieldname in DataSet



I have a sql query with a join, for example something like this

SELECT Customers.CompanyName, Customers.ContactName ,
Customers.CustomerID, Orders.CustomerID
FROM Customers INNER JOIN Orders ON
Customers.CustomerID = Orders.CustomerID

when i fetch the resultset of this query in a dataset, the dataset
it to Fieldnames and ignores the "Tablename." in front and
if there is a dupicate field (like Customers.CustomerID,
it just puts a suffix of 1.

Now if i wanted to get the actual name of the field as i brought it out
Db (Tablename.Fieldname), can that be done from the datset
in which this resultset is fetched.

William \(Bill\) Vaughn

Add an "AS" operator to the column selector clause.

SELECT Customers.CompanyName AS CompanyName, ...

William (Bill) Vaughn
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