TableAdapter Updating



I have one TableAdapter that has 2 custom updating functions, 1 insert, and
the default Fill.

In my 2 custome updating functions, one function updates some fields,
whereas the other function updates the other fields (we do not always want to
update all records).

The problem is, when I call my update functions, they both return 0 (no
records were updated).

They are each in a TRY/CATCH block, but no exceptions are being thrown.

Why aren't my TableAdapter's Update functions working?

Is there a tutorial online somewhere that can outline the proper technique?

Thanks in advance!




Relivant, important details:

When a row in the DataGridView is selected, it populates data in an edit
window. The DataGridView itself is marked as "read only" so our users will
not enter incorrect information.

Do I need to somehow "un-databind" the DataGridView, write the changes, then
"re-databind" the DataGridView before performing the Updates?

If so, how would I do that?

(This is in VS 2005 Professional, and it is *not* an ASP.NET application)

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