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I am using Access 2007. I am trying to create a job searching database. The
problem I am having is the phone number field. Sometimes there may be six
different phone numbers. In all the examples I have looked at, they have all
separate fields—that is, Work Phone, Home Phone, Car Phone, and so on. Is
there a better way to set this up? Is there a way to save data from four
different fields into one field? I have the following fields:

PhoneType1 = Business
PhoneType2 = Business 2
PhoneType3 = Business Fax
PhoneType4 = Mobile

As you can see above that Phone type is repeated over and over again.

There should be no duplicates phone numbers for a company.

The phone numbers needs to be in one column in order to sort, filter, and

Also, I want the four PhoneType fields to always be displayed on my form
until I decide to change the type it.

Any suggestions?


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Dear friend,

Since some of the contacts may have 1 tel. no, some others 2 and so on I
would suggest that you must create a separate table for storing those tel.
nos. This should be related One to Many to your contacts table. You may
have in this table the following fields:

ContactID (which is the primary key of your contact table)
TypeOfTelNo - might be a drop down menu.

I would also advice you that you set as primary keys the first 2 fields in
case your contact have only one tel. no for each tel. category, or in
contrary all the three fields.

Hope this helps,


Ο χÏήστης "lmcc007" έγγÏαψε:

Noëlla Gabriël


simply create 2 extra tables, a lookup table similar to:
ptID (autonumber) = PK;
ptDescription (text) = Business, private, mobile, .....

and a link table to link the persons to their phone numbers like:

ppnID (autonumber) = PK;
ppnPerson (long integer or same filed type as the PK of your persons table)
= FK to your table persons;
ppnPhoneType (long integer) = FK to tlkpPhonetypes.ptID;
ppnPhoneNr (text): the field containing the actual phone nr

if usefull you can add a remarks field where you can note things like: "only
use this number from 9 to 5 "

Hope this helps a bit


Thank you George! Yes, I did this. I'm sorry I posted this twice. I tried
to delete it but I do not see how to delete this extra post.




Thank you! I am created lookup tables. Oh, I am sorry I posted this twice.
I was not able to figure out how to delete this extra post. For some reason,
my computer is very slow when accessing this discussion group.

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