tab that maintains indention



After tabbing to a new indention, I want the text in this sentence to align
itself with the new indention...not moving all the way to the left margin.
How can I do this?



Kara the Computer Tutor

One way is to highlight the text after you write it, and then move the left
indent slider on the ruler to the place where you want text to be lined up.

To show the ruler if it's not already showing at the top of your document:

1. Click on the View tab on the Ribbon.
2. In the Show/Hide section, check the box next to "Ruler."

On the left-hand side of the ruler there are two triangles with a little
rectangle beneath them. The rectangle is the left indent slider. Highlight
the text you want to have a specific margin. Then move the slider to where
you want the text to line up and let go. All your highlighted text should now
be lined up at the margin you want.
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Pesach Shelnitz


I find it simpler to just press Ctrl+M instead of Tab to achieve this.
Indents made by Ctrl+M can be reverted by pressing Shift+Ctrl+M. When you
start a new paragraph that you don't want to be indented, you can press
Shift+Ctrl+N to return to the Normal style.

Stefan Blom

You can press Ctrl+T to quickly create a hanging indent. You can then drag
the indent indicator on the horizontal ruler to adjust the position as



Peter T. Daniels

You don't need to highlight the text (unless you want to do more than
one paragraph at a time). If your cursor is in a paragraph, moving the
triangles in the ruler will adjust the margins (L and R) and the
indent for that paragraph.

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