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I have a form/subform where tabstop 4 is the subform. Successive tabs walk
me thru all the records in the subform. so far so good. the problem is how
do I get the tab key to pick up the next tabstop (5) on the main form? If I
use the mouse to set the focus on the correct control outside the subform the
tab sequence works OK and keeps tabs in the correct sequence.

How do I get the tab to leave the subform and return to the main form??

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

Since the tab index is zero based, tabstop 4 is probably page (3). But to
answer your question, use the AfterUpdate value of the last control or the
form to set focus to a control on the main form, something like this

Sub Form_AfterUpdate()
End Sub


thanks for the quick reply Arvin. I had thought what you suggested was a
solution but I was hoping there was some property setting of the subform that
I could use instead. no such luck - brute force wins again. by the way i
was referring to tabstops of controls on one form, not tabs to select pages.

Is 'aircode' untested?? I like the term

thanks again.

Van T. Dinh

Ctrl + Tab should let you get out of the Subfor and move the Focus to the
next Control on the main Form ...

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