I have been working on a Smart Device Application written in C# which
runs on an x86 device running Windows CE.NET 4.2. Everytime i deploy
the app to the device, Visual Studio runs 3 cab files: 2 are used for
installing SQL Server CE 2.0, and the other one is no problems what so ever.

Recently, my evaluation period for CE 4.2 ran out, and i was asked to
upgrade to Windows CE 5.0. So i installed Windows CE 5.0 and built a
new OS image using Platform Builder 5.0. This was downloaded to the
device with no problems. Then i decided to try and deploy the app onto
it. However, during the installation of the file, i
got the following message box pop up on the device's monitor:

"The program is not compatible with the current operating sytem and,
therefore, may not run on this device. Do you want to continue the

I select "No", and yet it continues the installation and tries to
install the 2 cab files associated with SQL Server CE 2.0. I then get
the following error pop up:

"The file "\Windows\sscemw20.dll" is hidden, read-only, or a system
file. Would you like to replace the existing file?"

I select "No To All" and the application actually runs and a debugging
error pops up on my desktop saying that "CreateFile failed: 55" (i'm
using OpenNetCF's Serial class).

What on earth is going on here? I assumed that there are conflicting
versions of the .NET Compact Framework. I know that CE.NET 4.2 use CF
v1.0, but CE 5.0 uses CF v1.0 SP2. Would this make a difference? What
is going on here?

Also i noticed that when i deployed my app in the CE 4.2, i checked
what programs were installed by going to Control Panel --> Remove
Programs and the list shows:

- Microsoft .NET CF 1.0 ENU-String Resource
- Microsoft SQLCE 2.0
- Microsoft SQLCE 2.0 Dev

No Compact Framework!!! But it was still able to run... how the!!!???

King Regards,



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