choose CF on deploy


Bruno Alexandre

Hi guys,

in VS2k5 how can I choose the Compact Framework (2.0 or 1.x) to deploy?
does it use always the latest version (2.0)?

I have a Symbol MC1000 (barcode reader) with Windows CE 4.2 and if I deploy
using ce 5.0 it try to install CF2.0 and the device gives me an error cause
2.0 is only for CE 5.0...

I run all the options on the project and I did not see any CF options, I
Saved a "Windows CE 5.0 Device" under device deploy and add me custom name,
and changed the work foolder to Application Data, but that was the only
think I could do on it.

can anyone help on this please....? Thanks in advance :)




It depends on the project type you selected when you created the project.
Once selected you cannot change the CF version without manually changing the
project file.

Studio '05 cannot deploy/debug CF 2.0 apps on a 4.2 device.


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