Discussion in 'Microsoft VB .NET' started by John Smith, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. John Smith

    John Smith Guest

    Anybody can help me?

    How to get a collection of WhatValidStrings to use with:
    John Smith, Mar 20, 2004
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  2. Herfried K. Wagner [MVP], Mar 21, 2004
  3. John Smith

    John Smith Guest

    Thaks :)

    I got much more information from analyzing my specific operating system
    and framework, see the list bellow, please note that there are many
    alias, for instance I can use "Chinese" or "GB2312", can't use "English"
    but can used "Arabic" ....
    I need my program to use a function or something else to retrieve a list
    of updated and supported code pages (?? i am confused with the term code
    page that is used at least in two different contexts)

    37: IBM EBCDIC (US-Canada), IBM037, IBM037
    437: OEM United States, IBM437, IBM437
    500: IBM EBCDIC (International), IBM500, IBM500
    708: Arabic (ASMO 708), ASMO-708, ASMO-708
    720: Arabic (DOS), DOS-720, DOS-720
    737: Greek (DOS), ibm737, ibm737
    775: Baltic (DOS), ibm775, ibm775
    850: Western European (DOS), ibm850, ibm850
    852: Central European (DOS), ibm852, ibm852
    855: OEM Cyrillic, IBM855, IBM855
    857: Turkish (DOS), ibm857, ibm857
    860: Portuguese (DOS), IBM860, IBM860
    861: Icelandic (DOS), ibm861, ibm861
    862: Hebrew (DOS), DOS-862, DOS-862
    863: French Canadian (DOS), IBM863, IBM863
    864: Arabic (864), IBM864, IBM864
    865: Nordic (DOS), IBM865, IBM865
    866: Cyrillic (DOS), cp866, cp866
    869: Greek, Modern (DOS), ibm869, ibm869
    874: Thai (Windows), windows-874, windows-874
    875: IBM EBCDIC (Greek Modern), cp875, cp875
    932: Japanese (Shift-JIS), iso-2022-jp, iso-2022-jp
    936: Chinese Simplified (GB2312), gb2312, gb2312
    949: Korean, ks_c_5601-1987, ks_c_5601-1987
    950: Chinese Traditional (Big5), big5, big5
    1026: IBM EBCDIC (Turkish Latin-5), IBM1026, IBM1026
    1200: Unicode, utf-16, utf-16
    1201: Unicode (Big-Endian), unicodeFFFE, unicodeFFFE
    1250: Central European (Windows), iso-8859-2, windows-1250
    1251: Cyrillic (Windows), koi8-r, windows-1251
    1252: Western European (Windows), iso-8859-1, Windows-1252
    1253: Greek (Windows), iso-8859-7, windows-1253
    1254: Turkish (Windows), iso-8859-9, windows-1254
    1255: Hebrew (Windows), windows-1255, windows-1255
    1256: Arabic (Windows), windows-1256, windows-1256
    1257: Baltic (Windows), windows-1257, windows-1257
    1258: Vietnamese (Windows), windows-1258, windows-1258
    1361: Korean (Johab), Johab, Johab
    10000: Western European (Mac), macintosh, macintosh
    10001: Japanese (Mac), x-mac-japanese, x-mac-japanese
    10002: Chinese Traditional (Mac), x-mac-chinesetrad, x-mac-chinesetrad
    10003: Korean (Mac), x-mac-korean, x-mac-korean
    10004: Arabic (Mac), x-mac-arabic, x-mac-arabic
    10005: Hebrew (Mac), x-mac-hebrew, x-mac-hebrew
    10006: Greek (Mac), x-mac-greek, x-mac-greek
    10007: Cyrillic (Mac), x-mac-cyrillic, x-mac-cyrillic
    10008: Chinese Simplified (Mac), x-mac-chinesesimp, x-mac-chinesesimp
    10010: Romanian (Mac), x-mac-romanian, x-mac-romanian
    10017: Ukrainian (Mac), x-mac-ukrainian, x-mac-ukrainian
    10021: Thai (Mac), x-mac-thai, x-mac-thai
    10029: Central European (Mac), x-mac-ce, x-mac-ce
    10079: Icelandic (Mac), x-mac-icelandic, x-mac-icelandic
    10081: Turkish (Mac), x-mac-turkish, x-mac-turkish
    10082: Croatian (Mac), x-mac-croatian, x-mac-croatian
    20000: Chinese Traditional (CNS), x-Chinese-CNS, x-Chinese-CNS
    20127: US-ASCII, us-ascii, us-ascii
    20261: T.61, x-cp20261, x-cp20261
    20290: IBM EBCDIC (Japanese katakana), IBM290, IBM290
    20866: Cyrillic (KOI8-R), koi8-r, koi8-r
    20932: Japanese (JIS 0208-1990 and 0212-1990), EUC-JP, EUC-JP
    20936: Chinese Simplified (GB2312-80), x-cp20936, x-cp20936
    20949: Korean Wansung, x-cp20949, x-cp20949
    21027: Ext Alpha Lowercase, x-cp21027, x-cp21027
    21866: Cyrillic (KOI8-U), koi8-u, koi8-u
    28591: Western European (ISO), iso-8859-1, iso-8859-1
    28592: Central European (ISO), iso-8859-2, iso-8859-2
    28594: Baltic (ISO), iso-8859-4, iso-8859-4
    28595: Cyrillic (ISO), iso-8859-5, iso-8859-5
    28596: Arabic (ISO), iso-8859-6, iso-8859-6
    28597: Greek (ISO), iso-8859-7, iso-8859-7
    28598: Hebrew (ISO-Visual), iso-8859-8, iso-8859-8
    28599: Turkish (ISO), iso-8859-9, iso-8859-9
    28603: Estonian (ISO), iso-8859-13, iso-8859-13
    28605: Latin 9 (ISO), iso-8859-15, iso-8859-15
    38598: Hebrew (ISO-Logical), iso-8859-8-i, iso-8859-8-i
    50220: Japanese (JIS), iso-2022-jp, iso-2022-jp
    50221: Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana), iso-2022-jp, iso-2022-jp
    50222: Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana - SO/SI), iso-2022-jp, iso-2022-jp
    50225: Korean (ISO), iso-2022-kr, euc-kr
    50227: Chinese Simplified (ISO-2022), x-cp50227, x-cp50227
    51932: Japanese (EUC), euc-jp, euc-jp
    51936: Chinese Simplified (EUC), EUC-CN, EUC-CN
    51949: Korean (EUC), euc-kr, euc-kr
    52936: Chinese Simplified (HZ), hz-gb-2312, hz-gb-2312
    54936: Chinese Simplified (GB18030), GB18030, GB18030
    57002: ISCII Devanagari, x-iscii-de, x-iscii-de
    57003: ISCII Bengali, x-iscii-be, x-iscii-be
    57004: ISCII Tamil, x-iscii-ta, x-iscii-ta
    57005: ISCII Telugu, x-iscii-te, x-iscii-te
    57006: ISCII Assamese, x-iscii-as, x-iscii-as
    57007: ISCII Oriya, x-iscii-or, x-iscii-or
    57008: ISCII Kannada, x-iscii-ka, x-iscii-ka
    57009: ISCII Malayalam, x-iscii-ma, x-iscii-ma
    57010: ISCII Gujarati, x-iscii-gu, x-iscii-gu
    57011: ISCII Punjabi, x-iscii-pa, x-iscii-pa
    65000: Unicode (UTF-7), utf-7, utf-7
    65001: Unicode (UTF-8), utf-8, utf-8
    John Smith, Mar 21, 2004
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