System Temp and Voltages....



Hi, I've been using my assembled machine now for 2-3 months and except for
some irritating fan "whine" when the machine cold starts but disapperas in a
few minutes. Anyways I've never given much thought to the system temps and
voltages, but seeing all the posts about it, I was wondering if the
measurments of my system (obtainined with AIDA32 and confirmed by the Asus
BIOS Probe Software) are ok... your comments are appreciated...


System Configuration:
Asus P4S8X Gold Mobo
Intel P4 2.53B Processor
Kingston HyperX KHX2700 512 MB (1 stick)
Gainward Ti4800SE 750 Xp Video Card (8x and 128 MB)
Plextor 504A DVD-RW Drive
Lite-On 16x DVD-ROM Drive
Sony 3.5 1.44 MB Floppy (Still Need It!)
2 Segate Barracuda Serial HD 120 GB Each Running in RAID 0
Hercules Fortissiom III 7.1 Sound Card
Logitech Z-640 Speakers
Logitech Easy Internet Keyboard
Logitech Cordless Mousman
Creative ModemBlaster (di56233)...

All housed in a Blue Cheiftec Dragon Case
running Windows XP Pro SP1 with a 19" Sony FlatScreen CRT

I've OC the machine in the BIOS by setting the CPU external Frequency to get
a reported clock speed of 2849 MHz (4.75x600)

Reported Temps...under Idle
Mobo...30 (86)
CPU....33 (91)
Aux.....35 (97)

Room Temp is 75 F

under Stress (Sandra's Burn-In Wizard)
Mobo...upto 100
CPU....upto 121

Room Temp is 75 F

Voltage Values

CPU Core 1.60 V
+3.3 3.184 V
+5 4.999 V
+12 12.032 V
-12 -11.95 V (only reported by AIDA)
-5 -4.999 V (again AIDA only)

Thanks for your input....


Sonny, I notice quite often when people post their box contents the
MOST important item in the box is missing, the PSU. From experience
over the years I strongly feel a higher rated and high quality, for
today and tommorrows new add ons, will alleviate many problems.
Your #s seem to me to be just ok. Remembering that to read voltages
nothing beats a DVOM except perhaps a scope. Probes are a ball park
figure, some quite close others not so.
Temps look good.

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